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The Michigan Association of Christian Schools is on a mission to promote, defend, and assist Christian Education and its institutions in the state of Michigan. Explore our website to learn more about the important role of MACS and to discover the great services we provide.

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MACS Monitor March 2019

Posted by Tim Schmig on Mar 26, 2019

For me, political positions are based on principle and not whose team  you are on. I stand with those people in the arena of ideas who stand for principle. My principles in politics are easily defined. If I am going to rise to defend a cause I want to make sure that I rise for the right things. Religious liberty, Christian Education and the rights of the unborn are about the only things I have ever called on an elected official’s office to discuss. When I started with the Michigan Association of Christian Schools (MACS) in June of 2000, I talked to the members of the Board, and over and over, I heard the admonition to make friends in Lansing. I heard my task as finding principled people and stand with them for principled positions. Because of our efforts of making friends in Lansing, I know that there were harmful bills to Christian Education and religious liberty that died in committee and never saw the light of day. Today, not only are we blessed with good people in office who understand the principles of religious freedom, we have two MACS graduates in the Michigan House of Representatives. They too, are principled and stand for principle. We are going to need them and everyone else who sees the clear and present danger in the encroachments of religious liberty personified in our Attorney General and the secular progressives on the Michigan Civil Rights Commission (MCRC). Recently The Attorney General and the MCRC have presented coordinated policy ideas of shutting down faith based adoption agencies unwilling to place children in same-sex homes....

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A Great Article from the Daily Caller

Posted by Tim Schmig on Feb 19, 2019

You may have noticed that private Christian schools are suddenly under immense criticism. Starting with the announcement that Second Lady Karen Pence returned to a teaching job at a Christian school in Virginia, followed almost immediately by controversy over students from Covington Catholic School in Kentucky, there is a sudden frenzy over the existence of religious schools. One opinion contributor warned in the Huffington Post, “Too many religious schools at all levels regulate the personal conduct of their employees and students, restrict the books teachers can assign or students can read, and demand fealty to narrow constructions of religious identity, while enshrining bigotry into their bylaws.” Another reporter tweeted for help on a story about the dangers of Christian education: “I’m a New York Times reporter writing about #exposechristianschools. Are you in your 20s or younger who went to a Christian school? I’d like to hear about your experience and its impact on your life.” Why this new outcry against private Christian schools? What are the schools’ offenses? Shockingly, Christian schools have been “exposed” for teaching the same principles Christians have practiced and taught for millennia. There should be nothing novel about faith-based schools remaining faithful to their doctrines, but for some this is the latest opportunity to attack faithful Americans. Yet, over half a century ago, the United States Supreme Court defined the core of this First Amendment issue in Kedroff v. Saint Nicholas Cathedral, determining that the First Amendment’s restraint on civil authority acknowledges a “spirit of freedom for religious organizations, an independence from secular control or manipulation — in short, power to decide for themselves, free...

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MACS Matters

Posted by Tim Schmig on Feb 8, 2019

Let me reacquaint you with one of our good exhibitors and a friend of Christian Education, Brother Patrick Hayes of Berean Armed Forces Ministries. For all of the years I have known Patrick he is a blessing to everybody who loves our Country and supports our troops. He is looking to introduce his ministry to more MACS Schools so if you are interested in finding out more about him and his work please contact him 704-466-5517 or Here is a nice certificate he presented to me and a personal letter from...

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