The Importance of Christian Education

The Importance of Christian Education

By Pastor Don Albright, 5/19/19

The Primary Place of Education

God designed the home as the primary place for truth to be imparted.  Parents are the ones entrusted with the primary responsibility of nurturing, shaping, training and equipping their children to be obedient, God-honoring and productive members of society.  It has only been in more modern times that parents have passed that responsibility off to secular surrogates to do the educating in their place.  When parents hand their children over to others to educate them, it is nonetheless, still the responsibility of the parents to insure that their children are getting a Christian education.


The Need to Protect Children from Error

There is much that is terribly wrong and unbiblical about the culture, values and philosophy of our society.  Consequently, the educational system used in that secular-humanist system is skewed by the false premises and faulty foundation of that system.  Atheism, evolutionism, relativism, materialism and hedonism are woven into the very fabric of the public educational system along with the false belief in the intrinsic inner “goodness” of mankind.  A toleration, acceptance and promotion of unbiblical values is promoted, while the tenets of Christianity are held in disdain and often ridiculed.   The Scripture is profitable for DOCTRINE, (what is right); REPROOF, (what is not right); CORRECTION, (how to get right); and INSTRUCTION, (how to stay right).  The Word of God is that which is to be used in the lives of our children to teach them truth and to expose that which is error.  Parents who have their children in a secular-humanistic public school setting must engage in the task of counteracting the unbiblical instruction, philosophy and “brain-washing” that takes place there on a daily basis.

Children who have Christian parents and have been raised in church, while spending their educational hours each day in a secular-humanistic public school system typically grow up to embrace the values of secular-humanism and reject the values of Christianity.  There is a very high post-high school church dropout rate among professing Christian young people who have been influenced by the secular-humanism of the public school system.  It should not shock us that a huge percentage of professing Christian teenagers who have been indoctrinated in secular-humanism are sympathetic to unbiblical beliefs and values like:  the right to be sexually active before marriage and the need for contraceptives; the amorality of abortion, the acceptability of gay and lesbian relationships, same-sex marriage as an acceptable marriage alternative; the equality of animals with human beings; evolutionary schemes that mock the Genesis account of creation; a skewed view of History and a whole host of cultural agendas contrary to the Word of God.


The Biblical alternatives

Radical countermeasures for children attending public school.  Extreme counter-measures and diligent supplemental teaching by dedicated and committed parents can neutralize the false teaching being disseminated in the public school.  The authority of God’s Word is powerful and if effectively communicated to children, can develop in them a strong set of convictions that will strengthen their faith.  This takes much diligence and involvement by parents on a daily basis.

Sacrifice and dedication to Home Schooling.

Not everyone is qualified or disciplined enough to engage in the massive amount of commitment that is required to teach children at home.  The educational level of the parents; the time commitment required; the commitment level required; as well as the number, gender and ages of the children are factors.  There are tools available to help in this endeavor and most parents who successfully commit to this alternative achieve success and do not regret their decision to home-school.

Christian Schools

In our area we have two Christian Schools that provide academic training from a biblical perspective and a biblical world view.  (Genesee Christian School and Faith Baptist Schools).  This alternative does not absolve parents from responsibility, but it does offer a Christian alternative to the secular-humanistic pagan public school system.  The biggest factor with this alternative, of course, is the expense involved which can put a huge strain on most family budgets.   No matter which alternative is selected, our children’s education should be Christian.


     To have a Christian education is to be influenced by the doctrine, philosophies and principles of the Bible as the primary source of one’s educational foundation.  It is having in place a Biblical world view which is the sieve through which all other ideas, philosophies, ideologies and teachings are passed. 

     The authoritative, inerrant and timeless truths of God’s Word are the standard by which truth and error is gauged. Biblical truth is absolute, timeless, changeless, exclusive and inerrant.  Without a truly Christian education, one will be adrift on a sea of relativism and insecurity with no direction, nopurpose and no absolutes.