ADOPTED 9-20-2009
REVISED 09-01-2009
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A school, member or non-member, must agree with the following doctrinal statement.

The MACS believes in the inspiration of the Bible, equally in all parts and without error in its origin; the one God, eternally existent Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who created man by a direct, immediate act; the pre-existence, incarnation, virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, ascension to Heaven, and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ; the fall of man, the need of regeneration of all to life or damnation; the spiritual relationship of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, living a life of righteous works, separated from the world, witnessing of His saving grace through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Participation in the MACS Athletics will not be afforded to those associated with, members of, or in accordance with the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches, the Modern Charismatic Movement, or the Ecumenical Movement.

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This shall be a voluntary association to provide Christian growth, both spiritual and physical, for the students of Christian schools; to establish, maintain, and enforce such regulations as may be necessary to assure that all such activities shall be part of and contribute towards the entire educational and spiritual program of the Christian schools; to safeguard the physical, mental, and moral welfare of students in athletic activities; and to provide for the conducting of post-season state Christian high school tournaments for the Michigan Association of Christian Schools.

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III.  GOVERNMENT—chain of command

    1. The Executive Board of MACS
    2. The Athletic Commissioner–duly appointed by the MACS Executive Board
    3. The Athletic Committee—made up of representatives from each member school

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A.  Sports
1.  Fall

a.  Girls’ Volleyball

b.  Boys’ Soccer

11 man Soccer

8 man Soccer

2. Winter

a.  Girls’ Basketball

b.  Boys’ Basketball

c.  Boys’ Wrestling

3.  Spring

a.  Boys’ Baseball

b.  Girls’ Soccer

B.  A sporting event will only be considered for sanctioning when there are at least six schools competing in the event (the MACS Executive Board

can temporarily lift this requirement).

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A.  Tournament participation is a benefit of membership in the MACS.

B.  Membership in the MACS is not required for tournament participation; however, a non-member school may only participate for two years before

having to decide to become a member.  After the two year period, the non-member school can only participate by becoming a member.

C.  The Application for Participation must be to the Commissioner by the day of the seed meeting in order to be entered in the tournament.

D.  Non-member schools are required to pay registration fees.

E.  Fees will be set by the MACS Executive Board.

F.  Registrants that withdraw after the seed meeting will be fined and possibly charged for any costs incurred.

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A.  A student may participate in a MACS tournament beginning in the sixth grade: however, they will be eligible to participate in only six consecutive

semesters while in grades 10 – 12.

B.  No student may participate who has reached his 19th birthday before September 1 of the current school year.

C.  Any student enrolled in your school is eligible for athletic competition

D.  Home school students are eligible to participate in the MACS tournaments, if they are taking at least 1 class at the MACS member school that will count for credit and the MACS member school have included the home school members in their count for membership.

E.  There is no transfer date deadline. In order to play in MACS tournaments new students must be on the team for at least 50% of the games.

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A.  Fall

1.  Girls’ Volleyball — Last two weeks in October up to the first Saturday in November

2.  Boys’ Soccer — Last two weeks in October up to the first Saturday in November

B.  Winter

1.  Girls’ Basketball – Last two weeks in February up to the first Saturday in March

2.  Boys’ Basketball — Last two weeks in February up to the first Saturday in March

3.  Boys’ Wrestling — Last Saturday in March or first Saturday in April

C.  Spring

1.  Boys’ Baseball — Last two weeks in May up to the first Saturday in June

2.  Girls’ Soccer — Last two weeks in May up to the first Saturday in June

D.  Note that the Finals dates for all tournaments will be posted in the Spring each year.

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A.  Seed Meeting Information

1.  All schools must supply their win/loss record, scores, and opponent’s names to the Commissioner at the seed meeting.

2.  If a school will not be represented at the meeting the information can be faxed to the Commissioner or the host school.

3.  Any school not supplying the needed information will forfeit their right to be seeded.

4.  The seed meeting will take place before the first date of competition.

B.  Procedure

1.  The goal of seeding is to seed all teams into the tournament.

2.  If the teams in a division are spread out then the tournament will be set up based on geographical location.

3.  A team that has a representative from the school at the meeting will have the right to move to the top of the bracket if drawn into a bottom

bracket against an unseeded team.

4.  If two opposing teams are more than two hours apart (three hours on a Friday or Saturday) in bus travel time:

a.  The visiting team has the option to travel to the home team’s facility (preferred).

b.  The home team has the option to travel to the visiting team’s facility.

c.  The home team is responsible to secure a neutral site equal distance between each team’s home facility and to secure officials.

d.  The home team may opt to give the site responsibilities to the visiting team.

e.  Game times should be established with the furthest team in mind.

C.  Considerations—not necessarily listed in order of consideration.

1.  Strength of schedule

2.  Record against common opponents

3.  Head to head competition

4.  Previous record in the MACS tournaments

5.  Coin toss

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IX.  Divisions

1.  Divisions will be made according to the size of the school’s enrollment in grades 9 – 12, based on the enrollment before the seed meeting.

2.  Each division will contain the same relative number of schools.

3.  A maximum of three divisions will be made.

4.  Only Division I will exist if we have between 6 and 15 teams participating in the tournament.

5.  Division II will be created when there are at least 16 teams participating.

6.  Division III will be added when there are 33 or more teams participating.

7.  The top divisions will receive the extra teams when there is an unequal number participating, unless there is a more logical arrangement.

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A.  Sites must have adequate facilities to be used for tournament play.

B.  Semi-finals and finals (unless a small tournament) will be held at pre-determined sites.  These will attempt to provide a centralized location for all


C.  With a small tournament (spring) the highest seed will host up to or through the finals.

D.  First rounds of play will be hosted by the seeded teams.  If a seeded team is not involved, the top bracket team will host.

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All MACS athletic competitions will abide by the National Federation of State High School Association’s rule book as adopted by MHSAA.  Exceptions will be noted at seed meetings.



PO BOX 20626




1661 Ramblewood Dr.



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A.  Each game is to use at least two officials registered with the MHSAA, in soccer USSF certification is acceptable.

B.  The officials should not have officiated more than two games for either team throughout the season.  The last game should not have been

officiated recently.

C.  The officials must not be connected with the competing schools, churches, or conferences without mutual agreement of the schools involved.

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A.  Boys

1.  Uniforms must be modest.

2.  Hair must be out of the eyes, off the ears and collar, and worn in a conventional manner.

3.  Facial hair is not permitted.

B.  Girls (Players and Cheerleaders)

1.  Uniforms must be modest and loose fitting.

2.  Uniforms must come to the knee.

3.  Culottes, sweat pants, and warm-ups are allowed.

C.  Players in violation will not be allowed to play until properly attired.

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A.  It is the responsibility of the administration to make sure that the coach, athletes, and spectators behave in a Christ-like manner. ie. worldly music, dress code

B.  It is the responsibility of the coach to make sure that the athletes participate with proper sportsmanship.

C.  If a player/coach is ejected from a tournament game, that player/coach will be suspended for the next tournament game (unless rules stipulate otherwise) in which he will be involved:

1.  The next game of the tournament

2.  The first game of the next year’s tournament

3.  The first game of the next season’s tournament (if a senior)

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A.  Trophies will be awarded to the first and second place teams in each division.

B.  Individual metals will also be awarded to each team member

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A.  The policies and by-laws may be changed by a recommendation of the Commissioner and upon approval of the MACS Executive Board.

B.  The policies and by-laws may be changed by the MACS Executive Board.

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