MACS Monitor March 2019

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For me, political positions are based on principle and not whose team  you are on. I stand with those people in the arena of ideas who stand for principle. My principles in politics are easily defined. If I...

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MACS Matters

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Let me reacquaint you with one of our good exhibitors and a friend of Christian Education, Brother Patrick Hayes of Berean Armed Forces Ministries. For all of the years I have known Patrick he is a blessing...

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MACS Monitor 1.19

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“the king against whom there is no rising up.” Proverbs 30: 29-31 The reference to King is any God-ordained authority, so it can be Governor Whitmer. The prophet Daniel clearly tells us that our...

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School Benefit Program

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Who isn’t interested in saving money?  At MACS we not only want to help you to save money, we encourage it.  Here is a benefit we don’t think you should pass up.   Our Christian Educators’ Convention is...

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