MACS Matters 2.16 Of Term Papers and Spelling Bees

Of Term Papers

I have had a library card since I was in third grade. I loved going to the library and checking out books about fascinating people and distant lands. My hometown even had a book mobile that would drive to different parts of city to park and let you come in and browse the books they brought to you. My trips to the library always resulted in no less than three or four books strapped to the back of my bike and once home  I spent hours of pleasurable reading. I like going to libraries.  Recently, I was talking with a librarian and trying to wax nostalgic I said “Do you know what I miss? The card catalog. I could find just about everything I needed there”.

“Not me” She replied “Our new system is much better. What I miss is the students”.

“The students? What do you mean by that?”

“Well, you could always tell when a research paper was assigned because we would be packed with students writing their papers.”

“And now?”

“Now, in the winter we could close at night, this place is dead, no need to keep the lights on”.

“Why is that?”

“Students don’t have to write research papers anymore because the teachers don’t want to have to deal with plagiarism. Instead students write opinion papers. Who cares about a fourteen year old’s opinion?”

There you have it in a nutshell. Rather than take the time to teach proper research and articulation of your own work incorporating relevant points and properly crediting the work of others, they do away with the whole mess of diligent study and move on to something easier for all of them. Why not teach the perils of plagiarism? If you are reading this, most likely your child is in a Christian School where research papers are still valued, be thankful for that.

Research papers are formulating your thoughts in a coherent manner, researching and refining them, adding the thoughts and citing the work of others in the defense of your position. What is there to not value about that? Research is an invaluable tool for educated people. Research is what lawyers, pastors, teachers and many other professionals do every day.

I once asked a vice president of a major college what trends he had noticed in the last thirty years. Without hesitation he said “More remedial classes”. Colleges adjust because incoming freshman and rising sophomores are not as prepared for true college level work like they once were.

Our goal should be to be as fully prepared for every work  as the Lord leads us. Paul writes that we “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”. II Timothy 2:15

Thank you to every teacher who ever assigned a research paper.

MACS Spelling Bee

Our 2016 Spelling Bee took place February 18 at Community Baptist Church of Saginaw.

Elementary Winners:

1st place Abby Williams, Wixom Christian School

2nd place Bernie Tekiele, Wixom Christian School

3rd place Caleb Owens, Skeels Christian School

Junior High Winners

1st place Kirsten Oliver, Fostoria Baptist Academy

2nd place Sydney Yates, Rochester Hills Christian School

3rd place Patrick Puscus Rochester Hills Christian School

Senior High Winners

1st place Taylor Christianson, Wixom Christian School

2nd place Lindsey Hansen, Immanuel Christian School Roscommon

3rd place Brendon Stephens, Rochester Hills Christian School


Senior High Winners


Junior High Winners

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Elementary Winners












Thank you to Jennifer Savage and all of the staff and helpers at Community Baptist Church for making the day progress smoothly.

Thank you Judges for your investment in the students of MACS.


Administrators Round Table Discussion

We had an informative discussion February 11 at Dixie Baptist Church. Once again Phil and Danielle Alsup were gracious hosts and the day featured 9among other things) discussions on improving school safety, blended education, dealing with digital technology and accountability and compliance with new laws.

We were introduced at lunch to MACS graduate Tony Nash and his business Smartridges Please check out the services he offers to your ministry.

Click here for Smartridges   You will also be able to meet Tony at our Great Lakes Christian Educators’ Convention in October in Kalamazoo.

I recently found another exhibitor that you should meet. Theodore’s Coffee does custom coffee blends that are amazing. Darwin is the owner and he has a fascinating story of being raised in an orphanage in Honduras. Part of the profits of his sales goes for Micah Project funding an orphanage in Honduras. I love people with a cause and Darwin would like to meet you at our Great Lakes Christian Educators’ Convention in Kalamazoo. He will be there too, but don’t wait until then to try his coffee,  Click here Theodore’s Coffee and place your order.

Elementary Fine Arts & Basketball Championship

I hope to see you Friday at Elementary Fine Arts at Bethany of Troy on Friday February 26 and at our Basketball Championship at Springfield Christian Academy on Saturday February 27.