MACS Matters February 2013

Spelling Bee Competition

Deadline for Intent to Particiapates: Friday, January 18
Spelling Bee Registration Mailing: Monday, January 21
Registration Forms Due: Friday, January 31
Spelling Bee: Thursday, February 21

There are two separate spelling bees held at the same time. The elementary spelling bee is for grades 4th – 6th-with two contestants per grade. The jr./sr. high spelling bee is for grades 7-12th- with two constentants entered for grades 7th-9th level and two contestants entered for 10th-12th level. The cost is $4.00 a speller. The spelling bee begins at 9:00 a.m. and speller’s are usually on their way by noon.
Community Baptist Christian School
8331 Gratiot Road Saginaw, MI 48609
989-781-2340 Fax: 989-781-1344

MACS  and AACS Bible Quizzing Competition

Tuesday, March  12, the Faith Christian School will host the Junior and Senior High Bible  Quiz tournament at Faith Baptist Church in Warren.  All MACS schools are  welcome to attend this event.  The tournament is a double elimination tournament  which means in three- team quizzing a team would have to come in third twice to  be eliminated.
This year the students are learning the book of Acts. The  day will start off with a coach’s meeting at 8:30.  We then go to a round robin  competition that allows any team, including teams that may just want to come see  what it is all about, to compete with no fear of elimination.  After two rounds  of round robin, we go to our double elimination tournament which usually  concludes early to mid-afternoon. The final three rounds of the day at each  level will take place in the auditorium so that all spectators will be able to  see both Junior and Senior High finals.
The cost of the tournament this  year will be $60 per team. If you would like to bring a team just for the round  robin, but not for the double elimination tournament, there will be no  charge.
Please watch for information on registration which will be sent  out soon.

Please make you registrations checks out to Faith Christian Schools at:
Faith Christian Schools
23130 N. Remick
Clinton Twp, MI 48036

Matt Fenton

What Makes a Great Team?

Being the best team you can be means working hard to reach your full potential.  There are many people who must work together in order to accomplish this: the individual player, the team, the parents, and the coach.

In order to be a great team, each player must do his part.  While every player will naturally get better through practice and experience, the best players will not be satisfied with this but will want more.  It is this self-motivation and desire combined with a good work ethic and attitude that can make a player truly great.  These qualities can be built and encouraged by teammates, parents, and coaches.  Teammates can help push each other and make each other better.  Each player on the team must know his role and understand that no matter what his part of the team may be, he is just as important as the rest of them.  In addition, the team as a whole needs to continually work together to improve.  They should never become complacent with where they are, but should always look to the future to see where they could be if they continue to put in the time and effort.  This time and effort is not limited to players, however; the parents must be willing to do their part.  This includes making sure the players are at every practice possible, being supportive of the team as well as the school, and teaching their children the importance of dedication and hard work.

The coach has the hardest job of all, and that is to not only teach all of the qualities mentioned, but also to display each one himself to provide an example to his players.  Coaches can strive to be the best in the same way that players can; they should be hard-working, dedicated, supportive, encouraging, motivated, and inspiring.  Seeing a coach with these characteristics will provide an excellent example to the players.  A coach who is encouraging to his players can not only build their self esteem, but can also instill good habits in them.  The coach also needs to address the players’ weaknesses as opportunities to learn and improve, not as something they should be ashamed of.  Finally, coaches need to teach the players that these qualities are applicable to more than just sports.  He should show care and concern for each player on and off the field; he should care about each player’s character more than his athletic ability.  It has been said that “players don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” and this statement has been proven true time and time again.  Inspiring the players in their daily lives and walk with God is more important than anything that a coach can teach them about a sport.

Michigan Association of Christian Schools

MACS Fine Arts Festival

March 1, 2013:  Elementary Fine Arts- Bethany – Troy
March 21, 2013:  Sr. Fine Arts – Calvary – Midland
April 26, 2013:  Jr. High Fine Arts Bethany – Troy

The MACS Fine Arts Festivals have been organized to provide a  challenge toward excellence in Bible, academic fields, and the fine arts  among the students of our fundamental Christian schools across the  state. This competition will allow Christian young people to develop  disciplined skills in various competitive areas so that they might  better serve the Lord throughout their lives. It will also motivate  their achievement of greater skill in the use of God’s Word, provide a  forum for measuring their accomplishments against defined standards of  competition, and give an opportunity for fellowship with other Christian  young people. Our goal for the competition is to glorify Christ by  exercising our young people’s God-given talents.

Achievement Testing

We will not be ordering Standard Achievement Tests through the co-op this year, please contact Tim Schmig is you have any questions. Thank you.

Christian Education Doesn’t Cost, It Pays

This is a reprint of an article from Dr. A.C. Janney,President, A.A.C.S. :

Did you ever wonder what is the best thing you could do for your child?  “If I could just spend some time with him…”  That is important, but did you ever stop to think that it’s not just how much time you spend with him, more important than the quantity of time is the quality, and there’s nothing more important  to your child than you.  But let me suggest Christian education.
First of all, a good Christian school is going to give your children an academic education.  But they’re going to get more than that.  They’re going to learn character based on the lives of those great men of the Bible, and they’re going to learn morality and honesty.  Christian education will instill in them integrity and responsibility.  They’re going to learn to be good citizens and good husbands and wives because they will be learning from the Word of God.  But it’s not just a glorified Sunday school.  Day after day, in session after session their teachers, Christian men and women, will vitally affect their lives in a substantial way.  Your child will be taught the Bible as a subject and will be taught Christian concepts, precepts an principles.  That will make a valuable contribution to the kind of citizen they grow up to be.
You say, “I could never afford it.”  You can’t afford not to have it.  It may be that sending your children to a Christian school is cheaper than lawyer’s fees to get him out of jail, or sending him to a Christian school and teaching him how to live might be cheaper than raising his children from his broken home.  Or it may be that the best investment that you’ll ever make, dollar wise, is to carry out that Biblical admonition to “Train up a child in the way he should go:  and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Christian education doesn’t cost, it pays.  But let’s look at the dollars and cents of it for a moment.
The cost for sending your child to the average Christian school, across the country, for twelve years would be about the same as a good automobile with all the goodies on it; or maybe about the same as you would pay for a nice fishing outfit.  When broken down to a weekly basis,, it would be about the same as it would cost to take someone to a nice restaurant for dinner.  Some people spend this much playing golf each week.  Others waste this much on things of questionable value.  For many people it then becomes a matter of priorities rather than cost.
Fellow Christian, the most important thing that you can ever do for your children is to see to it that they have a Godly education while they’re getting an intellectual education.  We don’t sacrifice one for the other.  In fact, it may surprise you to know that in good Christian schools where they have adopted sound practices, the graduates place exceptionally high in academic achievement.  It’s not uncommon for the graduates of Christian schools to find themselves on college entrance exams and achievement tests in the top 10%, the top 5% of the nation.  Christian education is not a cost to you, it’s an investment in the sweetest children that have ever been, YOURS.  Why not think about it right now?


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