MACS Matters

June 2016

Dear Friends of MACS,
I trust your summer is going well and that you are looking forward to our time together at our Great Lakes Christian Educators’ Convention in Kalamazoo on October 6 & 7, 2016.  We have put
together an outstanding line-up of work shop speakers and exhibitors.
To date we are planning on over 110 work shops to assist your teachers and faculty as they teach, guide and influence your students in the Cause of Christian Education.
Our general session speakers of Dr. Jackson and Dr. Jeff Redlin have a passion for Christian Education and will ‘Ring the Bell’ for every teacher engaged in the sacred calling of not just the heart of
education but also the education of the heart.
We are working diligently to have as many exhibitors there to assist you in fundraising and service of your school.  We already have over 30 exhibitors registered with many more to come between
now and convention time.
Please send your staff to for more information about the convention.  Additional copies of this letter can be found at for anyone you wish to send a link to.
Tim Schmig