MACS Monitor 6.16

MACS Monitor

June 2016

“Hatred of Walpole was almost the only feeling which was common to them. On this one point, therefore, they concentrated their whole strength. With gross ignorance, or gross dishonesty, they represented the Minister as the main grievance of the state. His dismissal, his punishment, would prove the certain cure for all the evils the nation suffered.” Thomas Babington Macauley

The cultural shift we are witnessing with accommodations for the LGBT community is breathtaking. That is not to say that it happened overnight. No, this constant ebbing away from traditional marriage and erosion of the traditional family has been in motion for decades. We are watching it gather almost rip-tide proportions. The farther we drift from the Original Intent of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, the more you will see society become the law of the land. When society says there are no absolutes, society has just made itself absolute.

When I testified at the State Board of Education hearing on the transgender bathroom directive, it became painfully obvious that we have left the cognitive realm and we now live in the effective realm. Facts, history and evidence don’t factor in to their decision making. It only matters how you feel about something. This whole issue is an issue of their making. They are the aggressors in pushing this agenda. They will not accept anything less than extinguishing any light of family, decency and modesty. While they present themselves as victims only wishing to live a life of love and roses, their tactics of silencing through intimidation are pretty obvious. The day of their supreme court victory one of their websites went with “Now that we have won the war, do we shoot the prisoners?” So much for tolerance and diversity.


All of that being true and out there now, we can win this battle. We always hear liberal societal engineers use the mantra “we are doing this for the children.” True, the children’s future is at stake in this debate. Think about it. The very same people on the Board of Education who all shower in the privacy of their own homes, want public school showers open and accessible for anyone wishing to walk in based on their perceived sexual orientation.

They may win on this one, they have been winning for some time now. But let me ask you fellow Christian, when was the last time someone wept for the loss for a generation of young people who have had their innocence stripped from them? The societal repercussions will be exponential over time.

What is the solution? I have a suggestion. The one weapon we possess that the other side doesn’t and mocks us of wielding is prayer. Will you make our Cause a matter of earnest prayer? Pray in the pattern of prayers of Daniel 9, Nehemiah 9, and Ezra 9. In all of our efforts encourage yourself in the fact that God has not given us a spirit of fear… but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.


So here’s an assessment of where we are and where we need go. First of all, in just plain numbers there are more of us than there are of them. They inflate their numbers and influence through a willing media and silencing opposition with accusations of “homophobe”. Really, that is the proof their arguments are weak and hollow. Actually, we truly are the silent majority. We have been silent to some extent, so let’s amplify our voice and when you get this letter or email, pass it along to everyone in your contact list.

They brought this controversy to us, so let’s man-up and face our adversaries in the Power of the Lord. We need to be talking about this controversy and preaching against it with righteous indignation.

I am blessed to be able to serve with you and I welcome your comments, prayers and encouragement as we serve the Lord for the greatest cause in the world.