Remove not the Ancient Landmark Part 1.

One of the hallmarks of an insecure worldview is the destruction of anything that appears to challenge the validity of that worldview. Take for example the March 11, 2001 destruction of the the 1700 year old Bamiyan Buddhist statues that were dynamited and destroyed by the Taliban. You can watch a one minute video of it here:

For some reason, unknown to reasonable men, the statues posed a threat to the Taliban. Their very existence called for their removal in the minds of the jihadists. This is no different than “Uncle Joe” Stalin’s airbrushing water commissar Nikolai Yezhov out of pictures after Yezhov fell out of favor with the dictator. See the before and after, it would be funny if it weren’t at the expense of a man’s life and perpetrated to re-write history. History is real people recording real events in real time. We cannot wish, or wish away, something to be true in the past because it doesn’t fit with someone’s present day worldview. One writer observed to the fact that some historians go through life talking about things that never went through the formality of actually taking place, to them history is full of fluid possibilities.

Let me explain what I’m noticing in our Michigan Capitol and the apparent machinations of the Capitol Facilities under the dome. We could very well be in for a great awakening.  By that I mean we could wake up to a nightmare of our own designing. We don’t have our history stolen from us, we give it up through ignorance and apathy. There is the potential for mischief if we don’t let Michigan Capitol facilities know that we are monitoring their actions. Here is my first example. In the previous edition of the Rotunda Art Guide of the Capitol, they listed former governors of Michigan and something about their accomplishments during their time as Michigan Governor. It looked like this:












Read what they say about Governor Luren Dickinson.

“He is the only lieutenant governor in Michigan to assume the governor’s office upon the death of his predecessor. He appointed Matilda Dodge Wilson to serve as his lieutenant governor, making her the first woman to hold this office.”

Now read what the previous Rotunda Art Guide said about him. “”He is the only lieutenant governor in Michigan to assume the governor’s office upon the death of his predecessor. A devout Christian, Dickinson often asked pastors across the state to pray for him, thereby creating a ‘direct pipeline to God’.”

















Notice the new and improved version, color print and glossier paper, all very nice and appealing to the eye. How is this no different than Uncle Joe Stalin airbrushing out what is inconvenient of the past? Today’s secular progressives could never admit in writing that anyone believed in God- he doesn’t exist- and no less a governor of the great State of Michigan would believe that Pastor’s prayers would give him a direct pipeline to God? That is an outrage in their secular minds and must be airbrushed. What they have done in print is create their own safe-space. Simple truth is too much for them without some sort of trigger warning that they are about to encounter something uncomfortable to their secular sensitivities.

To the self-described ministers of truth and information that would argue that they haven’t re-written anything, but only emphasized another aspect of their political contributions, fine, then may I suggest that a contribution to Michigan history and culture not emphasized on the Granholm administration biography is record high unemployment, jobs and factories moving out of the state and the loss of a congressional seat in Congress? Facts are stubborn things.

Let us all take courage this isn’t over and I’m confident we will prevail to let them see the light. If they don’t see the light then let them feel the heat of public pressure to restore the testimony of a good and decent man to the public record.Until then, let’s be vigilant about the potential loss of our Christian heritage.